Talking To Your Kids About Sex S1:E3

Season: 1

Episode: 3

Description: In this episode, Fr. Suriel Costandi, Dr. Sofie Azmy, Dr. Michael Rizkalla and Michael Hanna discuss the Orthodox perspective on how and when to speak to your children about sex.

Subject Matter Experts: Fr. Suriel Costandi, priest of St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church and St. Luke American Coptic Orthodox Church of South Florida and director of Pigori Productions; assistant professor at Governors State University, Dr. Sofie Azmy PsyD, and pediatric physician at Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Dr. Michael Rizaklla, MD.

Special Guests: South Florida father Michael Hanna, father of 2 boys and 2 girls aged 9, 7 and 5, 1 respectively.

Release Date: Coming Soon!

Platforms: SoundCloud and YouTube