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Pigori Productions was founded with the objective of producing quality, Godly media for youth and adults of all ages. Pigori stands as an alternative to the secular entertainment popular in today’s culture, which is often devoid of Christian values. Run by an international team of passionate volunteers from around the globe, Pigori’s primary goals are to evangelize the world, particularly those unfamiliar with Orthodoxy, serve as a beacon to the lost sheep of Christianity, and meet the spiritual needs of the faithful who are seeking education and entertainment.

Our Legacy

Pigori, which means “strength” in the ancient Coptic language, is named as homage to our patron saint, the great St. Moses the Strong. The legacy of St. Moses is an inspiring redemption story that transcends all cultures, time, and social boundaries. We pray that everyone who experiences our content takes part in this legacy, and realizes their true inner strength, founded in their spiritual connection with God.

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