Pigori relies heavily on your regular prayer as well as any contributions you are willing to make as we are an all-volunteer workforce. We are dedicated to disrupting the wave of negatively influential media bombarding our youth and leading many astray.

Help to fuel our passion in providing quality and spiritually beneficial material that will have a lasting impact on the hearts and souls of children, teens, and adults alike.

Continue reading below to find out how you can contribute!

Donate Your Time

If you are moved to share in our heavenly blessing, please first consider donating your time. We have members from all across the globe and industry sectors, collaborating to bring you the quality media you have come to expect from us. If you have any skills in graphic design, video editing, marketing, social media management, website design, writing, podcasting, film-making, legal, or consulting, or any other relevant skills you wish to offer our Lord through this service, please email us at We would love to have you join us, no matter your location in this world or your background.

If you are a subject matter expert on anything related to Orthodox Christianity, please consider serving as a special guest (remote or in-person) on our podcast series, The Narrow Gate.

If you live in the South Florida area and are interested in serving in-person in any way, please email us at You do not need to possess any particular skillset or background - just a passion to serve God through this ministry. There is so much to do with so little time - your gifts would be very much appreciated! As our Lord Jesus Christ said, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

Donate Financially

If you cannot donate your time, please consider supporting our mission financially via the below link, which will direct you to our parent church’s donation page. Please remember to select “Pigori Productions” when asked to “Dedicate your donations to a specific service.

All funds will be directly invested back in the service including the purchasing and maintenance of audio, video, and computing equipment, the annual subscriptions of the cloud software used to make our productions, and the cost to engage in marketing efforts for Pigori Productions to increase its impact.

May the blessing of St. Moses the Strong be with you and may God reward you for any and all of your efforts!