Edgy and Relevant New Podcast Series The Narrow Gate Preparing for First Episode Release

ATTENTION: Due to the subject matter, this series has been rated PG-18. You must be at least 18 years old or in the company of your parents or guardians to listen to this episode.

Pigori Productions, a ministry of Saint Luke American Coptic Orthodox Church, with the blessing and leadership of our director, Father Suriel Costandi and the support of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, announces the release of the new, edgy and relevant podcast series, The Narrow Gate beginning with the first episode, Sexual Morality in Today’s Immoral World on February 14th, 2019.

Just in time for the widely celebrated and misunderstood holiday of Valentine’s Day, this episode looks to explore, discuss and analyze sexual morality in an intellectual and pragmatic manner through an Orthodox lens. The goals is to better educate and equip today’s Christians as they endure the current onslaught of sexual immorality and non-Christian ideals that pervade mainstream society. The male perspective is represented heavily in this episode. Currently in production is an upcoming episode that looks at the same issues (and more) from the female perspective. However, we encourage all to listen to both episodes as the over-arching focus in all our productions is the Christian perspective which supersedes all other lenses.

The Narrow Gate explores such practical issues focusing specifically on the Orthodox perspective drawing on the wisdom of our experienced clergy, subject matter experts, doctors, professionals, everyday mothers and fathers and youth of varied backgrounds and views. This regular series will explore subjects ranging from agnosticism, to how to speak to your children about sex, to the dangers of the misinformation and disinformation presented by media and other societal sources such as peer pressure.

The launch of this podcast is part of the Saint Luke American Coptic Orthodox Church’s continuing campaign to reach out to college-age youth and adults alike in today’s hyper-sexualized and morally subjective society. Pigori Productions recognizes the importance of producing riveting, timely and most importantly, spiritually fulfilling content, relevant to the struggles of today’s youth who ultimately are the future of our ancient and beautiful faith.

Release Date: February 14, 2019

Platforms: SoundCloud and YouTube

Rating: Due to the subject matter, this series has been rated PG-18

For additional information, please contact Pigori Productions at pigoriproductions@gmail.com.